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Music for the month 



Sunday March 3rd 10.00am 

Mass:                     Missa “Susanne un jour” - Lassus
Anthem:                O Lord look down from Heaven – Battishill
Communion:        Ave verum - Byrd
                               Nolo mortem peccatoris - Morley

Sunday  March 10th 10.00am  (Lent 1)

Anthem:                Miserere - Allegri
Sanctus:                 from Mass in 4 voices - Byrd
Communion:         Hear my prayer O LordPurcell
                                Remember not Lord our offences - Purcell

Sunday March 17th  10.00am (Lent 2)

Anthem:                 Laboravi in gemitu meo - Morley
Sanctus:                 from Aeterna Christi munera - Palestrina
Communion:         O Lord in thy wrathGibbons
                                In ieiunio et fletu - Byrd

Sunday March 24th  10.00am (Lent 3)

Sanctus:                  from Missa “Susanne un jour” - Lassus   
Anthem:                  I know that my redeemer liveth - McDowall
Comm:                   God so loved the world - Stainer
                                O Saviour of the world Howells

Sunday March 31st 10.00am (Mothering Sunday)

Anthem:                  Ave Maria - Bruckner
Communion:         Tota pulchra est MariaDuruflé
                                Unser lieben Frauen Traum - Reger

Choral Evensong 6.00pm

Introit:                    Remember not Lord our offences - Purcell
Reponses:              Smith
Canticles:               Tomkins 5th Service
Anthem:                 O Lord rebuke me not - Croft