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Weddings, baptisms and funerals

Find out more about getting married at St Alfege Church and about baptisms and funerals. 

If you live in the parish of St Alfege, have a close pastoral connection with this church, or regularly attend services here then please make contact with us about the services of baptism or marriage.

If you would like one of the clergy to lead a funeral service, whether at the church, a crematorium or cemetery please contact us. However these arrangements will often be made on your behalf by funeral directors.

Heart of Greenwich Place and People project

Following our successful application to secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, thanks to National Lottery players we are now implementing our Heart of Greenwich Place and People project. Building works have now started.  The church will remain open during the works and the west entrance which is used for worship and events will be open throughout.  Much of the work will be carried out outside of worship and events.   

Internal decorations 

Work will start on internal decorations immediately including repainting the walls in the galleries.  The galleries will not be available for services or concerts as internal scaffolding will be installed. The organ will be protected with appropriate covering from 4 February and will not be available until Easter.   The chamber organ and grand piano will be available for services, recitals and rehearsals but will be covered at all other times. 

Site office and welfare facilities  The site office and welfare facilities are now being set up in an enclosed area on the green.  Scaffolding is also being installed on the north and south sides of the church. 

Photographs It may be hard to avoid getting the scaffolding in shot in the churchyard. However St Alfege Park is a good spot for photos and you can get the tower clearly in view. 

Access to church and courtyard

12 February North entrance to courtyard and side gate closed off and scaffolding installed (for the majority of the project). 
 4 March - 29 March South side entrance and gate will be closed off for three weeks while the scaffolding installed. 

This means that for three weeks there will be no access to the church or courtyard from the north and south sides.  However the ramp and door on the south side will continue to be available for staff and wheelchair/buggy access.  

Access for pedestrians will be along St Alfege Passage and into the courtyard through the gate by the church hall or from Roan Street

For more information please talk to the member of clergy you are meeting to discuss your event. 

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